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Mandarin 101


Band Novice

Course features

  • This course provides rich learning contents with varieties scenarios.
  • The course with highly interactive teaching way provides learners a lot of language practices in the course.
  • The combination of Hanyu+ app and VR provide diversified ways of learning.
  • This course provides 2 hours" free" tutoring courses to help you solve pronunciation and learning problems.

Course description

The aim of this course is to helps learners understand basic Chinese sentence patterns often used in the daily life in a short time, such as shopping, ordering and transportation. We hope to help learners have basic conversation with locals. Besides, we hope learners not only have basic communication ability but also can have better pronunciation through the course. Wish to resolve learners' problems in Chinese pronunciation when they communicate with locals.
About the course content design, we use different activities to increase the learners' opportunity for practice. Moreover, through the highly interactive teaching design, learners can usually interact with others. In this course, we combine multimedia teaching materials such as Hanyu+ App, VR and animation to help learners learn language in an interesting way. Learning Chinese can be easily without stress.
Otherwise, there are two free TA times in our course, these two lessons provide learner to practice speaking and ask questions when they find out in the official class.Therefore, Mandarin 101 can help learners to quickly handle the basic conversation in daily life through the online courses.

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Learners who are suitable for the program

  • Learner who has basic Pinyin knowledge.
  • Learner who know basic Chinese sentence pattern.
  • Learner who has interest in Chinese.

Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  Shopping I
  • Lesson 2.  Food & Daily life
  • Lesson 3.  TA TIME_FAQ
  • Lesson 4.  Transportation
  • Lesson 5.  Shopping II
  • Lesson 6.  TA TIME_FAQ
  • Lesson 7.  Food & Drink

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  • Total Length: hours
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