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商務華語(Business Chinese)


入門級(Band A1)

Course features

  • This course teaches basic business topics, enabling learners to understand various business activities
  • This course uses situational guidance and interactive exercises to help learners speak Chinese in business occasions.
  • We use vivid teaching methods to make Chinese in business occasions easier to understand.

Course description

The aim of this course is to help learners build confidence in business Chinese communication. We make business topics more approachable so that learners can learn in an easier way. We increase the sense of learning achievement and help learners to proceed business activities more smoothly.
In terms of content presentation, compared to reference books that only have textual descriptions, our course uses various contextual examples and activities to enable learners to be familiar with business activities. In addition, through multimedia teaching materials, the vocabulary and grammar used in business activities have become clearer and clearer, so that learners can quickly grasp the meanings and expressions. This course helps learners to understand various business conversations that they may encounter in daily life. Finally, learners can practice more in the course activities to improve learning effectiveness.

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Learners who are suitable for the program

  • Learner who has basic Chinese spelling skills
  • Learner who know basic Chinese sentence patterns
  • Learner who are interested in business Chinese

Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  Making appointments on telephone I
  • Lesson 2.  Making appointments on telephone II
  • Lesson 3.  Self Introduction and introducing others I
  • Lesson 4.  Self Introduction and introducing others II
  • Lesson 5.  Courtesy of asking for help and refusing others I

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