Course Intro

The Culture of Chinese Character


basic level

Course features

  • Make Chinese characters integrate into our daily lives.
  • Make complex Chinese characters into interesting cultural stories for learners to learn easier.
  • Using synchronous and asynchronous instructional design to help learners learn effectively before and after class.
  • Images and story association making learning to remember quickly and effortlessly.

Course description

Chinese characters express not only the form, sound, and meaning, but also the diverse cultural features of the Chinese through the special image.

This course focuses on the four practical aspects of daily life as below, Food, clothing, housing, and transportation. For teaching, Chinese characters which are high-frequency used in daily life are selected in this course. The basic concept of this course is through Chinese character components to understand the principles of character creation, then combining with the associative memory learn more effectively. Also, this course will extend from vocabulary to reading and conversation as practice.
The aim of this course is to let learners understand the basic meaning of Chinese characters through the stories of Chinese characters, extend their application to more Chinese characters and understand the cultural meaning behind them, so as to inspire the enthusiasm of learning Chinese culture.
Since then, memorization and recognition are effortless, achieving high-efficiency literacy effects.

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Learners who are suitable for the program

  • Basic Chinese learners.
  • Learners who are interested in learning Chinese characters and cultural.

Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  What is the origin of Chinese characters?
  • Lesson 2.  Difference of “food(食)”
  • Lesson 3.   Important “rice(米)”
  • Lesson 4.  The story of “wine(酉)”
  • Lesson 5.  “Cloth(衣)” workshop
  • Lesson 6.  Woolen(糸) clothes
  • Lesson 7.  The secret of “home(家)”
  • Lesson 8.  Live in a “cave(穴)”
  • Lesson 9.  The world of “cars(車)”
  • Lesson 10.   “Walk(走)” and ”run(跑)”

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