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Children Chinese


0~Novice (0~A1)

Course features

  • The thematic teaching basing on “story” and “task”, providing diverse daily conversation materials.
  • The course will develop children’s Chinese skills, especially the oral expression part.
  • The course is designed especially for children. The teacher will increase children’s attraction and boost their memory through dialogue, activities and acting.
  • Children will enjoy the interesting course and feel comfortable in speaking Chinese.

Course description

This course starts from the topics that children are familiar with, such as animals, colors and shapes. Through customized lesson plans, we will help learners to understand and respond to the conversation related to daily life step by step.
The learning materials are various and colorful, which will attract children and make the lesson more age-appropriate. Besides the combination of pictures and conversation, teacher will also place plenty different kinds of activities (vocabulary matching, dialogue exercises, language task, etc.) to encourage children to speak Chinese. In this course, children will gain confidence in speaking Chinese in the highly interactive learning environment. And they are expected to communicate with others naturally after the course.

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Learners who are suitable for the program

Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  Delicious Fruits
  • Lesson 2.  Big Eyes and Small Nose
  • Lesson 3.  Go to School
  • Lesson 4.  I am taller.
  • Lesson 5.  I like to eat bread.
  • Lesson 6.  I have a dog.
  • Lesson 7.  Where is circle?
  • Lesson 8.  Play Toys
  • Lesson 9.  Go to the Zoo
  • Lesson 10.  Shopping

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