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生活華語(Practical Chinese)


準備級(Band Novice)

Course features

  • The themes of this course are diverse, providing learners with various contents.
  • The combination of Hanyu+ app and courses provide diversified ways of learning.
  • The courses allow learners to learn easily through fun and interactive teaching method.
  • This course uses situational teaching to help learners integrate into the Chinese classes quickly.

Course description

The aim of this course is to help learners understand basic Chinese sentence patterns through short sentences and communication with others. In addition, our courses help learners to be familiar with different aspects of the Chinese conversation, such as social networking, shopping, travel, etc.Learners can achieve the purpose of communicating with others.
This course starts with simple conversations in the daily life. With the help of pictures and example sentences, learning is no longer limited to text narration. There are rich and diverse learning contents which enriches Chinese learning. We provide different practice methods, such as vocabulary activities, dialogue exercises, comprehensive activities, etc., to increase the learner's opportunity to practice speaking. Through a large number of exercises,learners absorb new knowledge, increase the sense of learning achievement, and be familiar with Chinese. In addition, this course helps learners to quickly integrate into the learning atmosphere through highly interactive and interesting situational teaching. Learners can speak Chinese natually in the real context, practice new knowledge flexibly while communicating smoothly with classmates. Learning Chinese can be totally interesting!

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Learners who are suitable for the program

  • Learners with basic Chinese spelling skills.
  • Learners who are interested in learning Chinese.

Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  I am a student.
  • Lesson 2.  I like movies.
  • Lesson 3.  When do you go to school?
  • Lesson 4.  We travel by bus.
  • Lesson 5.  We are going shopping.

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