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生活華語(Practical Chinese)


入門級(Band A1)

Course features

  • The themes of this course are diverse, providing learners with various contents.
  • The combination of Hanyu+ app and courses provide diversified ways of learning.
  • The courses allow learners to learn easily through fun and interactive teaching method.
  • This course uses situational teaching to help learners integrate into the Chinese classes quickly.

Course description

The aim of this course is to help learners to speak more complex sentences with abundant vocabularies,ask questions, make simple responses and briefly express their ideas. In addition, in the face of daily conversation topics, you can use contextual vocabulary and grammar to describe more accurately.

This course provides a wide variety of daily life situations, covering topics such as leisure time, health care, and family environment. Learners can easily cope with the situations that they may encounter in their daily lives. In terms of content presentation, we provide a simulated Chinese language situation, to help learners naturally integrate into the Chinese-speaking environment. We use clear and simple illustration, understandable sentences and diverse activities. We changed the traditional way of passive learning to help learners learn actively. In addition, through the teachers' lively teaching and highly interactive methods, learners can learn and speak Chinese easily.

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Learners who are suitable for the program

  • Learners who know basic Chinese sentence patterns
  • Learners who have finished the Band Novice of Hanyu+ courses

Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  I am a student.
  • Lesson 2.  I like movies.
  • Lesson 3.  When do you go to school?
  • Lesson 4.  We travel by bus.
  • Lesson 5.  We are going shopping.

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