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Learning Chinese through Magazine and Online Articles


Intermediate High

Course features

  • The subject contents included in this course have to meet the following 2 criteria: research in daily life and professional topics. This course enables learners to gain insights into Chinese society by reading factual contents like magazines and online articles.
  • This course enhances learner’s language and reading comprehension skills through grasping main idea, topic sentence and supporting details.
  • Learners are encouraged to form, express and support their thoughts and opinions in Mandarin Chinese.

Course description

This course is designed to enhance learner’s understanding of core issue and main points from Mandarin Chinese articles, and to form a habit that makes learner think in Mandarin Chinese by learning about the article structure and reading skills, and immerse in the scenario where articles bring in. In addition, in order to expand learner’s language abilities in professional topic, this course focus on topics that range from research conducted in daily life to business, and to let learner tie together real-life experience and Mandarin Chinese abilities.

The course contains factual contents like magazines and online articles. For the syllabus content, learners will dive straight in article structure at the beginning, and they will not only focus on deepening knowledge of key vocabulary words, but also enhance reading comprehension skills in order to establish the solid foundation leading to further development of reading skills. Also, teacher will encourage learners to promote discussion and debate. By the end of lesson 5, learners are expected to be able to read and understand the main idea from more materials which are based on past exposure. For the lesson 6 to lesson 10, learners will be grown their Informational backgrounds by practicing guessing the conclusion and describing the main idea and framework of articles. Guessing the conclusion will put learners in author’s shoes, on the other hand, describing the main idea can ensure that they can express thoughts and opinions in Mandarin Chinese.

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Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  Marketing Activities of Rings
  • Lesson 2.  Price Negotiations
  • Lesson 3.  A Clothes Brand That Offering Costumes for Kids with Special Needs
  • Lesson 4.  To Get a Good Night's Rest
  • Lesson 5.  Checking Your Phone First Thing in The Morning

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