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Chinese Culture for Children


Band Novice

Course features

  • Various kinds of topics that are cultural related. Taking children to a journey of Chinese and culture.
  • A course that trains leaner's comprehensive abilities. The speaking, reading and writing skills would be improved in this highly interact process.
  • The course is designed according to the development of children. Different classroom activities such as language activities and role-playing are used to encourage them to speak more.
  • By adding virtual reality into the lesson, we hope children learn more effectively and interestingly.
  • An after-class teaching assistant would make the learning progress much more complete.

Course description

It is a course designed for Chinese specially. Helping leaners improve their Chinese skills as well as the understanding of Chinese cultures. This 5- hour- course includes four topics, which will bring children to experience the temple culture.

From preparing offerings to going to baibai, children will discover the relation between culture and life. During the lesson, students are required to answer numerous questions to practice their four skills. After the lesson, they will be able to learn or review with the online teaching assistant. This package is aimed to see student's progress in a short time.

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Learners who are suitable for the program

  • Learner between 6-12 years old
  • Leaners who speaks Chinese at home or have attended Mandarin classes.
  • Those who are interested in Chinese cultures.
  • level description: ACTFL- Novice Mid~Intermediate Mid CEFR- A1~A2 HSK- Level3~4

Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  Gifts for Gods (1)
  • Lesson 2.  Gifts for Gods (2)
  • Lesson 3.  TA Class The Culture of Giving gifts
  • Lesson 4.  Making a Phone Call to Gods
  • Lesson 5.  Getting Luck in Chinese New Year's Eve
  • Lesson 6.  TA Class VR Practice
  • Lesson 7.  Eastern Culture VS. Western Culture

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  • Class Type:1-on-
  • Total Length: hours
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