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Chinese Pronunciation Course


Band Novice ( For beginner)

Course features

  • This course provides interesting contents to help beginners learn Pinyin system in simple way.
  • The course with highly interactive teaching way provides beginners a lot of practices in the course.
  • The course provides the audio files to help you can practice Chinese all the time.
  • This course provides 2 hours" free" tutoring courses to help you solve pronunciation and learning problems.

Course description

The aim of this course is to help beginner can learn Pinyin system effectively and understand the way of Chinese pronunciation. Our teaching method is different from other platforms. We provide the highly efficiency teaching method, it helps beginners overcome the fear of Chinese pronunciation learning. The course provides diversified contents not only can help beginners learn Pinyin system and also can learn Chinese vocabularies and basic sentences. Through our teaching contents, learning Chinese can be more easier and happier than ever.

This course is a group class, so beginner will have a lots opportunities to practice the pronunciation with others. People often say that practice makes perfect! Therefore, this course provide the audio files and two hours "free" TA tutoring. The audio files can help beginners practice after the class. The TA tutoring can help beginners solve the difficulties of pronunciation.

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Learners who are suitable for the program

  • Beginner who want to know Pinyin system
  • Beginner who learn Chinese for the first time
  • Beginner who has interest in Chinese pronunciation

Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  Pronunciation Part.1
  • Lesson 2.  *TA TIME_FAQ
  • Lesson 3.  Pronunciation Part.2
  • Lesson 4.  Pronunciation Part.3
  • Lesson 5.  *TA TIME_FAQ

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  • Total Length: hours
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