Course Intro

Shopping in Taiwan


TOCFL Level 3-4; CEFR B1-B2

Course features

  • A journey of going to the convenience store and traditional market in Taiwan with local people.
  • Learn Taiwanese shopping culture and Chinese skills within four hours.
  • By adding authentic materials, learners will be involved in highly interactive learning.

Course description

A course that is designed to give you rich Chinese and cultural information. Based on shopping, two main shopping places in Taiwanese’s lives, which are convenience stores and traditional markets, are involved in the course. Plenty of authentic materials are added in order to create the learning experience more realistic and interesting! Join the four-hour journey and go shopping in Taiwan.

*This course will be taught by two teachers:
Chen Laoshi (teaching convenience store)and
Lin Laoshi (teaching traditional market).

By enrolling in one course, you will experience two topics with two teachers, making the study more interesting and creative!

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Learners who are suitable for the program

  • Able to understand general social and workplace language; able to communicate effectively in daily life situations
  • Those who are interested in Chinese cultures.

Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  Taiwan Convenience Stores 1 (Chen Laoshi)
  • Lesson 2.  Taiwan Convenience Stores 2 (Chen Laoshi)
  • Lesson 3.  Taiwan Traditional Market 1 (Lin Laoshi)
  • Lesson 4.  Taiwan Traditional Market 2 (Lin Laoshi)

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  • Class Type:1-on-
  • Total Length: hours
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