Coupon Adaption

Dear Learners,

Hope you have started to learn Chinese using Hanyu+ App and feel the power of the practice. May the learning force be with you!

If you miss our first few introductions of how to use the app, please come to our Blogger and see the articles, and we will continue to post more introduction to help you moving forward.

Today we will tell you why we send the coupon and how it works for you.
** The Coupon allows you to access the Analytics Section **
Analytics Section is located on the upper left of the corner

This section allows learner to obtain the followings:
Help you track “Learning Progress.” Understand how far away to get into the next Level.
To access your “Learning History.” Listen to the voice recording anytime. Show it to your teacher and ask for suggestions.
Get the “Analytics Results” of your Pronunciation and Tone. The results tell you where your pinyin or tone goes wrong the most.
Should your teacher or school use the website, Hanyu+ for schools, your app will be connected to the class and receive the assignments and comments from your teacher.
*** All teachers are welcome to use the website for free ***
*** Tell your teacher to check the website ***